22 Jul, 2016

Here is why night-owls are the better entrepreneurs
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin This iconic phrase our parents tried to drill into us from the minute we started pre-school may not be as valid as you think. Studies have proven that, contrary to popular belief, those who burn the midnight oil are […]
Delhi based cab rental solutions MyTaxiIndia raises $1 million funding
Delhi based, inter-city cab rental solutions provider MyTaxiIndia (MTI) said that it has raised $ one million in a bridge round of funding from existing Japanese investor Nihon Kotsu to partly fund its expansion plans. Besides, part of the funds would also go into technology development, marketing and branding activities, according to a statement issued […]
How to ask for a raise
Asking for a raise can be one of the most awkward situations you face at work. Although you may be sure that you have worked hard enough and truly deserve more money for your contribution, it is a difficult request to verbalise. Most of us are scared about the humiliation that would arise if the […]
If you are a digital marketer, you need to start doing these four things now!
“Instead of telling the world what you’re eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that’s meaningful.”  – Edward Norton We have seen companies update random, off the bat information on social media profiles and handles just because they want to make their ‘presence’ felt – and this really needs to stop. […]
‘Neruppu Da’: Kabali fever rages high among Chennai startups
“Yes, we are all totally swept by Kabali fever out here in Chennai and at GoBumpr!,” says Karthik Venkateswaran, Co-founder, GoBumpr! Chennai-based car and bike service mobile app. This response is evidential of how the Rajnikanth-starrer is currently occupying  the minds and hearts of startups in Chennai. From booking an entire cinema hall for employees, […]
Entrepreneurship and standup comedy are not as different as they seem
“Stand-up comedy is an art form, and it dies unless you expand it.” – Sam Kinison It’s not all about the ‘hahas’ and the ‘hehes’ in the life of a standup comedian. The journey is a painstakingly long and hard one, fraught with many closed doors. It is also about failure, patience, and perseverance. A […]
Bertelsmann leads Rs 112-crore Series-B funding in budget hotel chain Treebo
Bengaluru-based Treebo Group of Hotels has raised Rs 112 crore in a Series-B funding round, led by Bertelsmann India Investments (BII). Existing investors including SAIF Partners and Matrix Partners India also participated in the round. The company plans to use the fresh round of funds for its expansion, to strengthen market outreach, and enhance its […]
The 2016-17 Startup Leadership Program, Hyderabad, is looking for 25 high-potential founders
The Startup Leadership Program (SLP), an educational initiative for startup CEOs, has opened applications for the 2016–17 batch in Hyderabad. Founded in 2006 by Anupendra Sharma, a leading VC in the healthcare sector based in Boston, the programme admits around 25 Fellows every year, who attend over 12 sessions on alternate weekends. The programme has […]
Powai vs Lower Parel vs Andheri – which Mumbai hotspot will make or break YOUR startup story?
What would you choose? One land offers you the option of coming out of an investor meeting – the only cheque you received was of the ‘reality’ kind – right out onto the pristine waters of a lake that has no business being in a city, where the only thing freely flowing is sweat and […]
[Bootstrap Heroes] After nixing his corporate gifting startup, Marrily Co-founder Sourabh Varma looks to solve marriage woes
Indians might be obsessed with the idea of celebration, but marriage is still a sensitive topic. More often than not, families first meet to talk out the issue before the prospective bride and groom even get to meet each other. As a result, what follows is the embarrassment of rejecting the prospect. In an age […]
Live-action Pokemon movie to centre around ‘Detective Pikachu’, game adds $20b to Nintendo market value
Legendary Entertainment has won the rights to produce the first live-action Pokemon movie, with the first film in the franchise to be based on the character “Detective Pikachu.” The deal, reported by Variety, will see Legendary partner with the Pokémon Company and comes two weeks after the launch of the Pokemon Go app game which has become a worldwide […]
Rajinikanth’s punch-tantra and its powerful entrepreneurial lessons
He is desi, classy, and has a legacy. Modest, hardworking, and relatable, he is an inspiration to millions across the globe. A legend and a religion in himself, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad aka Rajinikanth drips swag like he was born for it. As the country gears up for what is being seen as a national holiday […]
Gender discrimination is not the only form of discrimination, here are 5 other subtle, yet prominent ones
Discrimination at the workplace is one of those things which is often subtle. Those at the receiving end often wonder if there is something truly wrong or if it is just ‘in their heads.’ This is because of several reasons. Outright discrimination is a crime and a sure way to get thrown out of an […]
How to identify and cope with a toxic workplace
We have all had our share of horrible bosses, nosey co-workers and inconsequential assignments. But most often, they turn out to be just the one odd stain among many other good things that make you want to keep coming to work. But what if your workplace is just plain toxic? What if it is pulling […]
Online pharmacies — a long-term means to the ultimate goal
When was the last time you went to buy medicines and the pharmacist refused to sell them till you gave an original prescription? I’m sure this has happened but certainly not all the time. But, when was the last time you bought medicines, handed your prescription to the pharmacist, and the pharmacist actually stamped your […]
Facebook developing drones that deliver high-speed internet via lasers
Facebook is working on a means of delivering high-speed internet to remote areas via laser beams. The project has now taken a step forward, after a first test delivered connection speeds over 2Gbps, according to an article penned by four members of the social network’s “Connectivity Lab,” published in the scientific journal ‘Optica’. The social […]
70-year-old scripts startup success story with Rs 2 lakh in hand
Every day, we share success stories of youthful India, which is brimming with energy and potential and stacking up revolutionary businesses. Tales abound of entrepreneurs, many in their early 20s or even younger, who are making a mark in the startup ecosystem. But, how often do you come across a man who steps into the […]
5 startups to work for in 2016
Startups have become the most prominent avenues for job seekers in recent times. India has become one of the fastest growing startup hubs in the world, standing tall at the third position, according to a  . It is also one of the five largest startup communities in the world, showing an upsurge in the growth […]
Why your team meetings always turn out unproductive
The Google calendar is updated with a two hour meeting, so is the agenda – so there is definitely going to be a meeting, but it might (read: will definitely) last four hours. But more often than not, and much more often than anyone would like it, meetings are nothing but a colossal waste of […]
The yogurt enterprise started with €30 which dreams of becoming a cultural and economic bridge between Europe and Africa
For the founders of Barikamà, the still quietness of Casale di Martignano – less than 40 kilometres from Rome – is the next chapter after the notorious Rosarno revolt, which, in 2010, denounced a sad reality of racism and exploitation in southern Italy. In the little village near the Italian capital, a team of eight […]
The burgeoning equity crowdfunding and P2P lending space in India
The crowdfunding industry has witnessed a massive growth globally. According to an industry report published by Massolution, the estimated fundraising volume through crowdfunding globally in 2015 was $34 billion. The industry has witnessed exponential growth from a mere $2.7 billion in 2012. Source: Crowdexpert.com When we talk about crowdfunding we generally refer to reward-based, donation-based […]
Why are there no Facebook/WhatsApp-like startups from India?
Awhile ago, I was pitching my idea of building a global opinion platform to a well-known Indian angel investor. He immediately suggested I move to Silicon Valley to pursue this. The response was probably based on his understanding of global market (or a casual excuse to pass on the investment), but it triggered my curiosity […]

21 Jul, 2016

Govt considers EVMs and paper trail equipment to increase security in startups
In order to increase the security, government is considering encouraging start ups to produce electronic voting machines (EVMs) and paper trail equipment using latest technology provided as cleared by the Election Commission (EC). A senior government functionary said on Thursday, a day after the Union Cabinet approved the first tranche of Rs 920 crore for the poll […]
5 things mentally strong people do
When you are an entrepreneur or hold a senior position in a company, you need an emotional and mental balance to be successful. All of us go through hardships, face rejection, get stuck in boring jobs and face personal hurdles in life. But, such situations actually test your emotional well-being, and your true strength lies […]
4 things to watch out for as a Pokemon trainer in India
Look out, there’s a Pikachu lurking round the corner! Gotta catch ‘em all! If you understand this lingo and have been shoved aside as a frantic twenty-eight year old with his eyes and nose one with his phone-screen, you probably know what we’re talking about. For the other social outcasts who have truly established the […]